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Bid smart and stay in control

You’ve won your last three bids. You’re on a winning streak. Logic dictates that the more you bid for, the more chance you have of winning more work and the faster you will grow. So, let’s just...

17 April 2018

Don't just be good at bid winning: Get better


Everyone likes doing things they know they’re good at; bid processes you’ve mastered and you know inside and out. You feel confident and in control when sticking to what you know.

But by...

winning bids, bidding, bidtraining 13 April 2018

What lessons can bidders learn following the decision on the UK passport contract?

4th April 2018

Following the news this week, De La Rue confirmed that they would challenge the Home Office’s decision to award the contract to manufacture the UK’s post-Brexit passports to a...

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining: How to Learn from Losing Bids

When preparing a response to an RFP you must always give it your best shot. You cannot know in advance how you will fare and so you should approach each opportunity with a fresh eye and assume...

New Download: Top 10 Tips on Creating Case Studies with Impact for Your Winning Proposal

Using the right case studies is a vital part of any bid. A relevant, interesting case study that demonstrates your ability to deliver for the client in question, can be the difference between a...

How to Write The Perfect Bid Proposal


International Women's Day 2018: Which country would your business be?

The importance of branding and design in proposal writing

The competitive tender landscape has changed a lot from the days of heavy ring binders and unformatted Word documents. Every person has become a consumer of branding. Everyone, whether they...

Shine Bid Services is ranked one of Europe's fastest growing private companies

5 March 2018

Winning 05 March 2018

Shine Bid Services and Bird & Bird Launch New Joint Offering, Foothold

1 March 2018

partners 01 March 2018

We Win Bids.

In the early 00’s we fell into bid management – we won’t pretend that there was a strategic plan – it was all quite random.

We won six major bids in a row and thought, “how hard can it be?” We lost the next three bids and realised that it was ridiculously hard.

To win systematically we needed foolproof systems, processes and amazing people. We are now working with Plc’s, Fortune 500’s and VC backed start-ups globally. We win way over 80% of what we bid, and we are constantly coming up with new and innovative ways to keep our clients ahead of their competition.

This blog was created to share some of our secrets with you...enjoy!


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